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Teresa Loftin Scarpato.  Photo by Lis Rock

Teresa Loftin Scarpato. Photo by Lis Rock

What the -f is tail -f (pronounced “tail dash f”)?  It’s a UNIX command.  What is a UNIX command?  It’s a utility found on unix-based operations systems of servers.  Still don’t know?  It’s techie stuff.  It’s an application like, (gasp!) Windows, but on a server.  Well, it’s actually more like DOS on a server.  Anyway, it’s tech-speak.

I’ve considered myself an artist since my earliest memories.  It was my goal in life coming out of high school, but things got in the way and I sought a “real” job.  I became a web developer and I love what I do.  I love programming so much because it is a form of art.  When I really get in the groove of programming it has all the satisfaction and gratification of creating a piece of art.  Here I am, 30+ years later, creating art again.  And it feels fantastic.  I call my art endeavor tail -f | ART (pronounced “tail dash f”) after a UNIX command.  It merges both my worlds nicely.  I work mostly in acrylic, but dabble in mixed media and drawing.  I love having art be such a large part of my life now.